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Types of Cherry Pickers

Types of Cherry Pickers

Do you own or manage a cherry tree farm? Cherries can offer great returns. They are also easy trees to care for and maintain. However, harvesting/kurs the tasty fruit from the trees can be challenging. Picking cherries is a delicate process. You don’t want the fruit to be damaged in the process. It can only be done by hand. As such, you’ll need a cherry picker if you want to make the process more efficient.

What is a cherry picker?

Cherry picking/liftutleie is an operation that can only be done by bare hand. The fruit is delicate and can easily be destroyed if machines were used to pick them from the trees. However, reaching all the fruit on the trees requires getting up to a great height. This is where cherry pickers come in.

Cherry pickers are machines that include a lift platform that is mounted on a hydraulic crane. They are similar to those used in warehouses and construction. They assist in getting those who are picking the cherries to elevated heights. You can therefore easily gain access to fruit located on different levels of the tree.

Types of cherry pickers

Cherry pickers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Their styles vary depending on the manufacturer and the application. The different types are designed to perform different tasks. It is therefore, important to choose the right type of cherry picker for your particular requirements and application. This will have a significant impact on productivity, efficiency and safety.

1. Vehicle mounted

These are the most popular type of pickers. They consist of a platform mounted on a specially adapted vehicle. The vehicle is fitted with stabilizers/sakselift that can be lowered. When these are pressed into the ground, they override the vehicle’s suspension and make the picker more stable. However, the vehicle will no longer be mobile. Large versions have platforms that can reach over 110m in height.

1. Self-propelled

These cherry pickers are the most versatile. They consist of a two wheel drive self-propelled base, which can run on diesel, electric battery or petrol. The machine is stabilized by the wheel base. The weight of the vehicle is concentrated on the lower parts. However, it lacks suspension.

1. Trailer mounted

The platform and hydraulic arm of these pickers are mounted on a trailer. The trailer can be towed by a small vehicle such as a car or van. They provide a stable base on account of their wide footprint. The platform can be raised to about 17m high. The arm typically has a 9m outreach.

1. All-Terrain

These are self-propelled pickers that are great for any condition. They can be used almost anywhere and remain reasonably level. Stabilization is provided by a wider base. However, for added stability, outriggers may be used.